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Urethane Reducer (Quart)

  • SKU # : QUR-1
  • Vendor : ColorRite
  • Manufacturer :
  • Your Price : $24.87

Having the right urethane reducer is crucial to the performance of your color coat.  ColorRite’s Urethane Reducer (product QUR-1) is the company’s spec reducer for use with all of their urethane colors, and with it you’re guaranteed suitable performance that’s minus fish-eyes, lousy adhesion and layer separation.  Of course, you have to use the reducer in accordance with the instructions (the color won’t work without it), and you’ll want to be sure to mix properly and do your spray-out.  Get that handled, though, and ColorRite’s urethane reducer works with the paint just right.


Available here in quart size, spec’d for the quart of color (typically combined in a one-to-one ratio), all the necessary reducer quantities can be found on for use with ColorRite paints.


Be sure to stick with 100-percent ColorRite products for your paintjob.  That compatibility is formulated into every can of clear, color and primer they sell, and if you queer the mix by using an off-brand reducer, it’ll destabilize everything.   The condition of your warranty is as important as avoiding fouled paint, and with the introduction of outsider materials you’ll void that warranty.

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