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The clearcoat is the hardest working part of any vehicle’s paint, and to ensure your chosen paint scheme hits with the necessary impact you’ll need to do the clearcoat right. In most cases, the clearcoat is required for the color coat to cure properly, and in the case of ColorRite colors, you’ll want to use a ColorRite clearcoat. Buy a can of color and you want a matching can of clear. ColorRite knows how important this perfect combination of color and clear is to your finished product. Tested and tested again, all of their clearcoats are chemically ideal for working with ColorRite paints.

Durability, shine and gloss are the primary functions of any clearcoat. The urethane-based ColorRite products available here are specifically formulated for a satisfying end-result when working with ColorRite colors.

When choosing between aerosol and liquid delivery media, it’s important to employ a vector you’re comfortable using; for instance, if you’re a rattle-can guy, stick with the spray can.

As for quantities, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough. The pint can is moped-sized, and the quart is motorcycle-sized. You’ll want at least two quarts for a jet-ski. Single fairings, tails and tank jobs need half a pint, and when working with aerosol you’ll need at least two cans for a big fairing, or one can for a wheel or helmet. Pens and touch-up jars are good for just about that – touch-up – but they’re perfect when you want a small parcel of paint for small jobs.

The clearcoats sold here all meet or exceed the standards set by the original manufacturer of your bike, quad, scooter or ski, and can be used with the full satisfaction that the quality is guaranteed.

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