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Touch-Up Jar Primer

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Some scratches just want to be buffed out, and a few need a little paint and clearcoat. ColorRite has all you need for that. In the case of deep scratches and gouges, though, as well as rock dings and small-area repairs, you should paint the affected area as you would any other raw material. That means beginning with primer – the base coat that’s essential to all proper paint adhesion and a quality final product – and ColorRite’s Touch-Up Primer comes in a two-ounce jar for that just that job.

Primer bonds with uncoated metal, plastic and fiberglass better than any color can, and this prepares the surface for an application of color. When you have a deep scratch, color alone isn’t enough to fill it, and you’ve got to build up the surface with a layer of primer. The benefits are twofold – you improve the opportunity for the color to adhere to the base coat, and the base coat levels out the surface so your layer of touch-up paint isn’t in a noticeable divot.

It’s especially important to use this ColorRite primer when you’re fixing ColorRite colors and patching ColorRite primers – these formulas are created to work perfectly with each other, but aren’t tested and not guaranteed to cooperate with other brands.


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