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Aerosol High Gloss Clear

  • SKU # : UCA-150
  • Vendor : ColorRite
  • Manufacturer :
  • Your Price : $20.95

Using a clearcoat isn’t an option anymore.  99-percent of late-model motorcycle paints employ a clearcoat as the final stage, and many colors won’t cure properly without the clear.  ColorRite’s aerosol clearcoat is hugely popular, both for convenience and ease of use (not to mention its exceptional quality).  ColorRite’s aerosol clearcoat can be used interchangeably with their other clearcoat delivery methods, so it’s great for touch-up and detail work.


This is a gloss clear that sprays on easily and can be buffed, polished and wet-sanded.  It’s an excellent universal clearcoat, ideal for all uses short of fuel tanks and areas that will be exposed to corrosive chemicals.  One can is enough for painting a helmet or a single-side of fairing, and two ideal for two fairings at once or two wheels.  Plan on a minimum of four cans if you are doing significant bodywork or are painting your bike completely.  As the amount of paint necessary is wholly user-dependant, we recommend you have extra, no matter what.  The 12oz. spray can isn’t small, but it isn’t humongo, and a spare can of clear on the shelf is always handy for touch-up work.


Important – This formulation of clearcoat is NOT recommended for your fuel tank or any other panel that may be visited by corrosive or harsh chemicals.  For those areas we suggest you order the KK7 clear kit, which is highly resistant to gasoline, solvents, rain spotting and their ilk.  Also, be sure to avoid mixing different brands of paint, as ColorRite only tests and will only guarantee its products when used with other ColorRite products.

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